Heavy Equipment Services - We are a Heavy Haul Expert

If you need heavy haul or heavy equipment transport and a flatbed truck cannot do the job because the shipment is too tall, wide or heavy, a heavy haul truck or low boy may be your only option.

First Class Service Trucking Company has nearly 25 years experience as a heavy equipment transporter and heavy haul expert. We do heavy haul right because we own the low boy trailer needed for the job. We understand these types of moves and we understand the legal restrictions, permits, and technical challenges that go into heavy equipment transporting. We understand that some states require oversize loads to be accompanied by a certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO) to protect the lowboy load. The purpose of a P/EVO is to safely escort a heavy equipment transport trucks from its origin to final destination without damaging the load, motorists, highways, roads, bridges, control devices, signs, wires, overhanging objects or property.

We understand that heavy equipment transport differs from move to move. Our experienced drivers and the ongoing training they receive can help you move the following with our low boys:

Air Exchangers
All Yellow Iron
Bridge Beams
Concrete Pre-Casts
Construction Tractor
Control Buildings
Cooling Towers
Cranes: truck, crawler lift, pedestal, tower or ring horse
Dehydration Equipment
Hydraulic Gantry
Injection Mold Machines
Manufactured Home
Military Equipment
Mining Equipment
Stamping Presses
Steel Drums
Terex, Manitowoc, Mt Clemens cranes
Wind Energy Equipment

If your heavy haul item is not listed, contact our office and we can talk about arranging your heavy equipment transportation by calling 209-832-4669.