Step Deck Flatbed Services - Perfect When Height is an Issue

If you need equipment or supplies hauled with a flatbed trailer and height is an issue, you may need the services of a drop deck or step deck flatbed. First Class Service Trucking Company has over 25 years experience as a drop deck transport company. This experience along with a fleet of the best flatbed, drop deck, low boy and extendable flatbed trailers has made us one of the top flatbed transport companies in America.

These step deck trailers can also be called "singledrop" or "dropdeck" trailers. They can be used to transport the same type of equipment and supplies that a regular flatbed can haul. There is an advantage to this beyond regular flatbed transportation. A step deck flatbed trailer can haul a higher load without having to buy permits for the load. Typical trailers are 48’ in length and are designed to be a heavier trailer than a flatbed. They can can transport 44,000 to 45,000 pounds. There is also a double drop deck trailer. This is used to transport excessively high loads without permitting. They are generally 48' in length. The lower deck height is often 20" to 22". The payload will vary from trailer to trailer.

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